Friday, March 30, 2012

Ahhh Spring break!

Finally, it's here!!!

Spring break, that is!

Some things I am planning on doing this coming week/weekends (and some I NEED to do...)
  • Finishing up my continuing ed. class  (gotta get that done to renew my teaching license that expires this June... nothing like waiting till the last minute)
  • Sleeping in.  At least one or two days :)
  • Kid-sitting.  Three days next week I'm watching two of the kids I watch in the summertime on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  It'll be good to see them again!  (annnnd making a little extra cash doesn't hurt!)
  • Going with my sister in law and mother in law to get my newest niece Madalaine's newborn pics done and all three girls are getting their Easter pics.  Fun times :)
  • Next Tuesday (the 3rd) Brew is taking the day off cause we both have doctor's appointments  (with different docs--- more on those later ;)).  So we plan on spending the whole day together running around :)  Then probably doing my birthday dinner that evening with my family.
  • Then Wednesday (the 4th) is my birthday!  I'm going to spend most of the day with my friend Whitney (who now lives an hour away- boo).  I haven't seen her since last summer.  Insane!  So we plan on going to lunch and doing some shopping :)
  • Easter dinners with my family and my inlaws  :)
  • I also am hoping to tackle a few things on my gigantuous "Spring To-Do List".

But first?  Tonight I plan on sitting on my butt and doing a whole lot of nothing!  Definitely a pizza night! :)

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Trinity Resler said...

Happy Birthday (a little early)!!!