Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Married Life...

Well it's the first post we've made since our wedding & honeymoon! In short, married life has been great so far! We are really happy :) We've had a few spats now and again but so far we've been getting along & adjusting to living together quite well I think. We're proud of us :)

I still don't have internet at the house yet. Mainly because we haven't moved my desktop computer yet. It's been a slow process LOL. I want to have it moved by the end of this week though, so maybe we'll be able to get internet in August.

We've finished pretty much all the house renovations. I will get pics ASAP! We only have the 3rd bedroom that hasn't been touched yet, and the outside stuff. Hopefully the outside stuff will be done by Fall and the 3rd bedroom by the end of the year. The bedroom we're going to use as kind of a catch all room, but we'll store Brew's drumset & my scrapbooking stuff, so I can sort of have a little scrapbooking room :) Haha of course till it's baby-time.

Speaking of babies, several people have asked me lately if/when we're having kids. The answer is YES we are and it's just a matter of when now. Truthfully we both sort of have the "itch" so to speak, BUT, we want to have at least 1 year to ourselves to get used to "married life", finish house projects, and just have the chance to take a trip or two without kiddos. I'm not sure how long that will be, but we've both decided to wait until our 1st anniversary to decide when. We may decide to go off bc on our anniversary, or we may decide we want another year or two. We don't want to get in too much of a hurry!

Some upcoming things we're looking forward to...
Aug 6- Melissa's brother's wedding
Aug 7- Our niece Makalyn's 1st birthday
Sometime in Aug- We're going SOMEWHERE, not sure where lol, maybe to Columbus for a day or a theme park, just a weekend cheap trip :)

Alrighty, hopefully my next post will be from OUR house on OUR internet haha.

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Real Life Reslers said...

So glad you're loving your new house! You'll have to let me know where it is so next time I'm up there I can have G&G drive me by so I can see what it looks like!